Shizaya – Rainy Day [Raijin Era] _ Title: あめのひ【来神時代しずいざまんが】

Title:  あめのひ【来神時代しずいざまんが】 – Rainy Day 【Raijin Era ShizuIza Manga】 PART 1 OF 4
Artist:  ななみまり@1日目A11a
Pairing: Shizaya; ShizuIza
Genre: Fluff
Scanlation: soltarination





BTOOOM! ~ Review

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BTOOOM! ~ Review

“An intense survival game with lots of exploding stuff!”

A genre that I really enjoy watching, especially when it comes to anime, is survival, or survival horror. And there are a lot of survival horror anime’s out there, some outshining others in more than one way. But one of the most recent survival horror anime’s (that actually finished today as of the time of this writing) is a survival horror anime that will leave you excited.

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